SQRTN Company

Founded in 2013, SQRTN Company is a Swedish lifestyle brand from the northern parts of Sweden (“Norrland”). Inspired by its forests, lakes, and snow-capped mountains, SQRTN designs high-quality streetwear made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.


Folkhemmet is a leading Swedish home furnishing e-tailer that sells Scandinavian design furniture in the mid- to premium segment. The product offering consists of its own brand “Folkhemmet” as well as selected external brands.

Browgame Cosmetics

Browgame Cosmetics is a niche beauty brand specialized in eyebrows, striving to empower women with access to premium and sustainable products that accentuate natural beauty, regardless of skin tone or eyebrow type.


MandySkin is a beauty brand that challenges the conventional beauty industry by mixing technology and traditional beauty products, also known as Beauty Tech. The product line includes electrical beauty tools and consumable skincare products.


Digital Services


Awelin is a specialist in performance marketing, focusing on expansive e-commerce and digital growth through optimized digital marketing. Following its strong performance, Awelin has been trusted by numerous high-profile brands over the years, such as Adoore, John Henric and ICHI.


Heep is a digital marketing expert that provides its clients with comprehensive solutions for profitable digital growth. By combining creativity and data, Heep helps companies to develop winning digital strategies, optimize customer experiences and streamline digital marketing efforts.


Lybe is an e-commerce agency, providing scalable e-commerce solutions based on leading platforms and complementary software services. Throughout the years, Lybe has helped numerous high-profile clients, including Swedol, Skultuna and Stronger, to build robust e-commerce solutions.