The Share

The Refine share is listed on the Nasdaq First North Stockholm Stock Exchange (Ticker code: REFINE, ISIN code: SE0021021656). There is only one class of shares and all shares have the same voting right – one vote per share.

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*The price data is time delayed at 15 minutes and includes historical prices before Refine’s reverse takeover (RTO)

Major Owners

NameTotal SharesHoldings %Votes %Verified
1David Wallinder4 680 4558,47%8,47%2024-03-28
2Ålandsbanken Abp4 386 4447,94%7,94%2024-03-28
3SEB Liv & Pension3 463 6426,27%6,27%2024-03-28
4I Invest AB3 149 3645,70%5,70%2024-03-28
5Molcap Growth AB3 108 0835,63%5,63%2024-03-28
6Stockslätten AB2 933 1055,31%5,31%2024-03-28
7Nordnet Pensionsförsäkring2 176 9193,94%3,94%2024-03-28
8Värnanäs AB2 109 0503,82%3,82%2024-03-28
9Union Bancaire Privée1 720 7643,12%3,12%2024-03-28
10Quantum Leben AG1 561 6522,83%2,83%2024-03-28
Top 10 shareholders29 289 47853,02%53,02%
Other shareholders25 951 12146,98%46,98%
Total55 240 599100,00%100,00%

The list of Refine Group’s biggest shareholders is based on the information given by Euroclear Sweden AB and each respective shareholder on the holdings of Refine Group AB as per the last trading day of Mars 2024.

Nasdaq First North Growth Market

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