Chairman of the board

Luca Di Stefano

Luca has previous experience as an investor, board professional, and founder of multiple companies in the media, e-commerce, and IT sector. Since 2017, he has also held active roles as CEO/COO and board member for several growth companies.

Position: Chairman of the Board (since 2024)

Born: 1978

Education: Market Economy, Frans Schartau Business Institute and International Relations, Stockholm University

Former positions, selection: CEO at Brandson and The Farm, Board Member at Spac1 and Hubso

Board positions: Tellusgruppen AB, Unika Försäkringar i Sverige AB, Garantio Greentech AB, Hamax Holdings AB, Gavald Holdings AB, among others

Shareholding: 916 594

Independent of Refine Group and the Group Management: Yes

Independent of major shareholders: No