Peder Ramel

Peder Ramel has significant experience in corporate management, having previously held the position as CEO for several leading companies in the communications and telecommunications sector. Peder also has extensive experience serving on the boards of both listed and private companies, including Husqvarna AB, Know-It AB, Richard Montgomery & Co AB, Hoist AB, and Transcom AB.

Position: Chairman of the Board (since 2023)

Born: 1955

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Lund University

Former positions, selection: CEO at Hi3G Access AB, Bredband 2 AB (Bredbandsbolaget) and Viasat AB

Board positions: Hi3G Access AB, Manomotion AB, ECPAT Sverige AB and RGAB 2.0 AB

Shareholding: 105 575

Independent of Refine Group and the Group Management: Yes

Independent of major shareholders: Yes